A Little About Me

One of the things I wanted to be as a child was a writer.  The first story I clearly remember writing (and illustrating) was Jackie and Mark Go to Mars.  I wrote it in sixth grade and got an “A,”  I thought I would try to get it published, but it was sadly not professional quality.  In high school I wrote cheesy romance novellas that my older sister loved to read.  I was not satisfied with any of them, and for the betterment of the world, I subsequently destroyed the only copies in existence.

I usually doubt the quality of my writing, and so for many years I largely gave it up.  Oh, I have always kept a journal, and I’ve written plenty of papers, including one published article, for school, but I set aside the creative imaginative side.  I love to study languages, so I when I stopped writing creatively, I  forayed into translating.  I’ve translated Christine de Pizan’s The Path of Long Learning and Christian Bobin’s The Missing Part, neither of which are published.

Several years ago, I became a mom and began raising children in the Orthodox faith.  The journey led me to write again.  My older daughter was both an inspiration and a handful in church, and led me to write Josiah and Julia Go to Church.  The birth of my younger daughter motivated me to try to get it published.  Even before it was published, we spent many hours reading our own manuscript version.

My husband sometimes tells me he wishes I had more ambition (ie. a “real job” that pays well).  However, I find that being a wife, mother, and struggling author keep me plenty busy.

Oh, and my favorite color is brown.



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